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Gallery ALL is one of the first design galleries in China that dedicates to exhibiting limited-edition furniture and design objects. It was founded in 2013 and currently has two spaces, one in downtown Los Angeles and one in Beijing 751 Design Park. Collectively, the 7,700 square feet space (2,400 sf in Los Angeles and 5,300 sf in Beijing) will feature a rotating program of large-scale exhibitions, events and presentations from an international cadre of designers, artists and architects.

Gallery ALL is committed to introducing the public and collectors to the most cutting-edge and experimental design collections, pushes the boundaries of design through the exploration and experimentation of materials, intersecting the disciplines of architecture, technology, and design. With fabrication facilities in both Beijing and Tucson, Gallery ALL has unique research and production capabilities. This serves to encourage progressive manufacturing practices, facilitates expert craftsmanship, and offers the designer a more holistic approach to design, fabrication, and display.

The mission of Gallery ALL is to facilitate a dialogue of design between the East and the West, bringing exceptional designs to the Chinese market while promoting Chinese designers to the global platform.

Gallery ALL currently represents Naihan Li, Zhoujie Zhang, Aranda/Lasch (only in China), and is also in discussion with several artists from China, US, Japan, regarding representation and consignment collaboration.

Gallery ALL presents 2-3 exhibitions per location (Los Angeles & Beijing) each year that features contemporary designs from a global cadre of emerging and established artists. Exhibitions are curated and organized by the Gallery ALL team including Qingyun Ma and invited curators. Specifically, Gallery ALL pays special attention to designs that challenge the limit of structure and materials, intersect the disciplines of technology, art, and design.

The Gallery ALL team is comprised of industry experts in the fields of architecture, furniture design, manufacturing, financing, marketing, and arts management. The thoughtfully selected group of creative and strategic design professionals, not only enhances its worldwide reach, but also adds discerning curatorial strength.

Co-founder Yu Wang, began his career as an architect and designer, having studied at Arizona State University Design School, and later working with Aranda\Lasch. Wang possesses a deep understanding of global manufacturing processes, and in 2013 he founded International Design and Furniture (IDF) opening branches in both U.S. and China. Wang also founded Real Estate All, LLC in Los Angeles, which specializes in real estate development and syndication.

Co-founder Xiao Lu, with a background in international PR and marketing, is the manager of gallery’s day-to-day operations. Lu holds a B.A. in Arts and World History from Peking University and a Masters in Public Policy from the University of Southern California.

915 Mateo St, Unit 208

Los Angeles, CA 90021

(By appointment only)

(213)  294 – 5564


Building A9-1, 751 D•Park, No.4 of Jiuxianqiao Road

Beijing, 100015

(By appointment only)

+86 132-4082-1129