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December 3 – December 7, 2014

Booth C03

Meridian Avenue & 19th Street, Miami Beach, USA


Gallery ALL is pleased to announce the participation of Design Miami/’s 10 year anniversary fair, presenting Chinese designer Naihan Li’s I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV for the Design Curio/ program. The exhibition runs from December 3rd to December 7th at Miami Beach.


As a first-time participant to the fair, Gallery ALL presents an animated installation of the newest work from Li’s I AM A MONUMENT series entitled I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV, responding to the theme of the Curio program that emphasizes surprising installation and creative production, challenges and contextualizes familiar design narratives.


This series takes inspiration from the legend of the Han Dynasty emperor, who had the entire landscape of China reproduced in miniature bonsai trees in his garden, so he could gaze upon it from his bedroom window. CCTV stands for Chiusna Central Television, or the tower of the station in Beijing that is designed by OMA. The CCTV Tower, shaped like a loop of video in endless production, has been turned into a wardrobe, where the ritual of dressing and undressing can also be said to be an endless loop. I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV shrinks the landmark building to 1/100 scale and turns it into collectible furniture.


This desire can be seen as well in Chinese traditional paintings, which play with the idea of scale from a subjective point of view while minimizing the universe. In modern China, people want to possess icons and monuments to their age yet live with them at a domestic scale. Interpreting the entire Curio project as a chest of curiosities presenting the variety of practices engaged by designers in the world today, the I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV Installation includes animated fog that represents the billowing smog of Beijing’s wintery landscape, Chinese bonsai shrubs that inspired the entire series, both traditional and digital carpentry tools used in the work’s construction and personal items such as clothing that transport the public icon into the artist’s private world.


Other works in the collection include an Edinburgh palm house, a New York Stock Exchange-turned shrine, a Pentagon-turned daybed, and a United Nations headquarter building-turned bookcase. Together, I AM A MONUMENT allows for a reimagining of how we look at the world in a playful way.


Photo credit: James Harris