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Gallery ALL featured in Russian Emirates

One article in Russian Emirates, which is a popular magazine reported that Gallery ALL and was in Design Days Dubai.

Design Days Dubai

which is the leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects. The fair presents design from leading international designers and galleries alongside up and coming design from across the world. The fair also presents a strong non-commercial programme consisting of education, workshops, installations and live performances.Design Days Dubai is owned and managed by Art Dubai Fair LLC, a joint venture company between the DIFC and Middle East Fairs Ltd.

The director of the exhibition “Design Dubai days”, Cyril Zammit said “with the growth of the public exhibition today, we will continue (Design Days Dubai) the role in spreading awareness and knowledge of the art of design in Dubai and the Middle East, as the culture of a global hub”.

As Gallery ALL’s designers,Aranda\Lasch is a New York and Tucson-based design studio dedicated to experimental research and innovative building.

Though their work spans a variety of scales and functions—including outdoor monuments, indoor installations, video works, furniture, and a set for the band Yeasayer, their work is united by a common motif: a modular, crystalline form. “For us, design is about putting in place a process from which you can guarantee surprises,” Lasch once said, while Aranda notes, “Our understanding of modularity is something that’s not quite obvious or fixed, something that can be a tool for finding infinite variation.”

“Their work—from the 2003 Brooklyn Pigeon Project to their recent Pamphlet Architecture publication Tooling—is characterized by both rigor and whimsy. Like scientists, they are committed to an exhaustive investigation of structures and systems that will enable them to discover new variations in form and surface that they can transform into architecture.” – 2007 United States Artists Fellows description

Gallery ALL’s designer, Zhoujie Zhang, believes that good design is inspired by process. By continuously forming new concepts throughout the course of development and production, the creation is a constant progression of its evolution.

The Split Chair from the Brass Collection is the first series of objects developed with Endless Forms, Zhoujie’s own digitalized fabrication system that generates an ever-changing family of objects. With a role as more of creator rather than designer, Zhoujie’s designs appear as though viewing the world through a kaleidoscope, looking at the infinite possibilities.

“Through my design I’d like to build new path towards our digital future and eventually create a system that could measure, design, produce, test as well as market these new possibilities. Following on from the first and second industrial revolution, we are now experiencing a third one, a digital revolution. I’m going to dive into it and I’m ready for a long march.” —-Zhoujie Zhang
Gallery ALL in Russian Emirates_March 2015Gallery ALL in Russian Emirates_March 2015Gallery ALL in Russian Emirates_March 2015Gallery ALL in Russian Emirates_March 2015Gallery ALL in Russian Emirates_March 2015