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Gallery ALL is Now on L’ArcoBaleno

Gallery ALL is pleased to be the first Chinese design gallery on L’ArcoBaleno. You can find our Crate Collection by Naihan Li under the ‘new additions’  on L’ArcoBaleno now!

As the co-founder of L’ArcoBaleno, Ambra Medda, says, “Every object has a story,” the story behind the Crate Collection is definitely among the most interesting ones. Inspired by Naihan Li’s own transient lifestyle and the millions of workers who migrate around China each year, Li’s outwardly simple containers fold open to reveal hidden wardrobes, bookshelves, beds and dressers. She questions the concept of dwelling while accommodating the requirements of a modern and mobile world. “All my creations are designed to improve the life I’m living right now,” says Li. “To do that you need to understand what life is about. It’s a process.”

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