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Gallery ALL featured in L’OFFICIEL January 2015

Gallery ALL is featured in L’OFFICIEL January 2015 about the participation of Design Miami/’s 10 year anniversary fair, presenting Chinese designer Naihan Li’s I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV for the Design Curio/ program. The exhibition ran from December 3rd to December 7th at Miami Beach.

The article “Curio – 2014 Design Miami Highlighted” pointed out that Design Miami is worldwide limited-edition and collective design show, which just likes the Art Basel in the design world. Design Miami dedicates to gather high quality galleries, museums and collectors, designers from around the world in order to create a top ornamental exhibition. This year, Design Miami established a new creative section named “curio” from the word “curiosity”, meaning to bring curiosity of new things and modern design to the audience. Gallery ALL as one of the first design galleries in China that dedicates to exhibiting limited-edition furniture and design objects, has become the youngest gallery to participate in Design Miami 2014, presenting Chinese designer Naihan Li’s new works I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV Wardrobe.

This series takes inspiration from the legend of the Han Dynasty emperor, who had the entire landscape of China reproduced in miniature bonsai trees in his garden, so he could gaze upon it from his bedroom window. CCTV stands for Chiusna Central Television, or the tower of the station in Beijing that is designed by OMA. I AM A MONUMENT – CCTV shrinks the landmark building to 1/100 scale and turns it into collectible furniture.

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