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Gallery ALL mentioned in Barzaar Interiors

Continuing its tradition of providing worthy galleries with their first Middle Eastern platform, Design Days Dubai plays host to one of the hottest names in design-art–Gallery ALL

Gallery ALL Established in 2013, Gallery ALL is one of China’s first galleries dedicated to exhibiting limited-edition furniture and design objects. Aiming to facilitate a design dialogue between the East and West, the gallery has spaces in both Beijing and Los Angeles, allowing it to introduce exceptional designs to the Chinese market while promoting Chinese designers to a global audience. The gallery also boasts fabrication facilities in both China and the US, which encourages a more holistic approach to design, fabrication and display.

“Straight lines, sharp facets and an explosive expression in brass, the Split Chair by Chinese designer Zhoujie Zhang is part of an extraordinary line series experimenting with a mathematical approach to design.”

The Split Chair and Brass Table from the Brass Collection is the first series of objects developed with Endless Forms, Zhoujie’s own digitalized fabrication system that generates an ever-changing family of objects. With a role as more of creator rather than designer, Zhoujie’s designs appear as though viewing the world through a kaleidoscope, looking at the infinite possibilities.

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