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Gallery ALL featured in ID Prestige

Gallery ALL is pleased to be one of the participant gallery in Design Days Dubai.And Gallery ALL is featured in ID prestige for this big event. In the article reported Design Days Dubai’s show, which dedicates to show the art of design in the Middle East and South Asia. On 16 March, with an unprecedented number of posts, the show receives its upcoming 44 galleries Design exhibitors from around the world, providing modern designs and contemporary creations.

The “Design Dubai days”, one of the most prominent growth parameters and maturity scene art design in the UAE, the hosts at its upcoming 22 lounges design studios that participated in the previous session, such as Carpenters and Workshop by Gallery (Paris / London), Southern Guild (Cape Town), and Art Factum (Beirut), and Brochd Komychenz (Melbourne), along with 11 exhibitors taking part for the first time, including the first to participate in the region’s David Gill Galleries, (London), and Gallery FUE MA (London), and Gallery ALL (Beijing / Los Angeles), Chambers New York (New York), and Gallery Salbraiz (Paris), and the group Fiona Barratt – Campbell Bravih (London).

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