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Naihan Li’s designs highlighted on Christmas Shopping List by L’OFFICIEL China

Naihan Li and her designs have been highlighted in Christmas Shopping List by L’OFFICIEL China. “If you still think shopping in Christmas season is about buying clothes, then you are probably out of fashion. This year’s Christmas, shopping in art is going to be the highlight of this entire season: shopping mall invest heavily to invite the world top designers to settle up their shopping window artistically, brands dedicate designs that full of artistic atmosphere, fashionable women can purchase artistic stuffs in specific store or online as well. This Christmas, we are not buying luxuries, we are buying arts!”

L'OFFICIEL China_gallery_all_Naihan Li_1

L’OFFICIEL China_gallery_all_Naihan Li_1

Naihan Li’s Bar in CRATES collection has become one of the ten “must-buy” on the Christmas shopping list highlighted by L’OFFICIEL China. The newest additions to The CRATES Stainless Steel series includes a Mobile Bar, an entertaining center and a kitchen unit with concealed drawers and detachable serving trays/ champaign holder. Naihan continues to design the solutions to fulfill those needs for the purpose of housing and living. This surprising new piece gives an industrialized look but open to a subtle sensebility through the walnutwood ‘s talking. Naihan’s mobile creations accommodate a very poetic lifestyle into unique comfort of dwelling by its spatial language.

Naihan Li’s The Skyscraper Candles Series is also highlighted in the magazine. As a long time resident of Beijing, Naihan has watched the urban landscape of her home city undergo drastic changes. The FLAMMABLE series is a response to events she has witnessed both here and abroad. These artistic candles are accurate, to-scale recreations of some of the world’s most recognizable buildings, including the Empire State Building, the CCTV Tower, and the Taipei 101 building. For someone who is not entirely comfortable with the intrusion of modern skyscrapers into their civic space, watching them burn down can be truly satisfying.

Naihan Li is one of the potential designer in China, she used skyscraper as model to design Christmas candles. Her The CRATES, which was nominated for the 2012 Design of the Year Award by the Design Museum in London. Now her design is presented by Gallery ALL in Los Angeles and Beijing.

L'OFFICIEL China_gallery_all_Naihan Li_2

L’OFFICIEL China_gallery_all_Naihan Li_2

L'OFFICIEL China_gallery_all_Naihan Li_3

L’OFFICIEL China_gallery_all_Naihan Li_3