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Solo Exhibition of the Chinese architect-designer Naihan Li: I AM A MONUMENT

Gallery ALL is pleased to announce the opening of a solo exhibition of the Chinese architect-designer Naihan Li: I AM A MONUMENT on last Friday, September 26th from 6pm to 8pm. The exhibition runs from September 26th to December 26th in Gallery ALL Beijing space.


The exhibition, “I am a Monument,” features Naihan Li’s recent works in the Monument Series, centering on her ongoing exploration of architecture-turned furniture over the past 2 years. The show presented new works alongside an Armillary Whisky Bar, which was commissioned by the Australian gallery Broached Commissions and was shown at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing in June, 2014. The new works, first shown to the public, includes a United Nation building-turned bookcase, a Pentagon-turned daybed, a NY Stock Exchange Center-turned shrine, and an Edinborough Garden-turned palm house.

Together, I AM A MONUMENT takes landmarks and shrinks them down to something on a more personal scale, allowing for a reimagining of how we look at the world in a playful way. Check out the recap images here and see the show for yourself if you happen to be in Beijing.


 Armillary Whisky Bar, commissioned by the Broached Commissions


UN building bookcase

The NY Stock Exchange Shrine_NaihanLi_GalleryALL_3

The NY Stock Exchange Shrine_NaihanLi_GalleryALL_4

Baldachin of New York Stock Exchange


The Edinborough Palm House_NaihanLi_GalleryALL_2

Home Garden of Palm House

The Pentagon Daybed_NaihanLi_GalleryALL_2

Day Bed of The Pentagon


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