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By Anotherview

ANOTHERVIEW N.10: A Day in the life of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (Milan)

Black Enamel-coated Iron Window Frame with Video Monitor

Dimension (HxWxD):

150.5 x 89 x 19 (cm)

59.25 x 35.04 x 7.48 (in)

Price Available Upon Request


Anotherview is Marco Tobasso, Robert Andriessen and Tatiana Uzlova. Based in Milan and Amsterdam, they explore the world in search of inspirational views to be shared with others.

There is a marvelous exuberance in the work of Anotherview, as they present a kind of contemporary nostalgia of the present, caught within 24 hour loops. Through their window “views,” we are confronted with both temporal and spacial displacement. Always seen as a metaphor for perception, the window, an architectural feature by convention fixed into place, becomes a lens for seeing beyond our present place and time. We are transported to the Brenta Dolomites, where skiers come to enjoy the fresh air, abundant snow and breathtaking vistas of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. And through a different window, we find ourselves in Florence, with the multilingual chatter of the tourists echoing off the walls. But we don’t see these places as a normal visitor. The view lingers in time and space, so that as the day passes, the skiers adjourn from the slopes, the tourists retire to their beds to sleep. We watch as the mountains recede into darkness; we are left alone with the shadows of the classical statues adorning the Piazza  Signoria. We are there, even though we are here.

The view from a window is an important element in every house that greatly influences our daily moods and, unlike the color of our walls or choice of furniture, it cannot be changed. Whatever you can see from your window, will always be there. Anotherview transforms your home into a nomadic place, where windows lead to unexpected landscapes or cities. The team of Anotherview is constantly collecting new and exclusive views around the world. In a way each view tells a unique story about our time, our societies and the world. As a contrast to our fast moving and fragmented reality, Anotherview confronts the viewer to take a deep breath and enjoy the slow passing of time with its thousands of little tales of life that happen during 24 hours and to discover a new sense of perception of time and space from the perspective of your home.