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By Zhoujie Zhang

Brass Tornado Table (SQN7-T) | The Brass Collection, 2014


Dimension: 220L × 100W × 78H cm (86.61L × 39.37W × 30.71H in)

Edition of 12

Price Available Upon Request

The Brass Collection is the first series of objects developed with Endless Forms, Zhoujie’s own digitalized fabrication system that generates an ever-changing family of objects. With a role as more of creator rather than designer, Zhoujie’s designs appear as though viewing the world through a kaleidoscope, looking at the infinite possibilities.

Brass, is a relatively soft material, it is quite easy to distort and scratch due to the touch during the transportation, laser-cutting and fabrication process. Therefore, every single fabrication process has to be done with extreme caution. A new material means new attempt from structure, every step and the whole procedure needs innumerable tests.

There is an extremely thin stainless steel layer inside the brass table to support the 2.2 meters long table surface. It is quite difficult to make such a large-scale pure brass table expect using casting technique. Moreover, due to the fact that the brass will cause lots of wear and tear to the laser head during the laser-cutting process, most factories are not willing to do the cutting. Welding was also challenging, the heat of welding caused serious deformation or even blasted to holes, the studio experimented many welding methods to solve the problem.

With his practice dedicated to the development of a digitalized fabrication system, Zhoujie’s goal has been to create a system with an ability to transform digital programs into real objects.   In the near future, people will be able to participate in the creation; design a customized chair through the digital system and select different materials of their choice. This brand new, artificial intelligence design concept will fit better into the life and preferences of each individual, and, the interaction between product and human will be deepened. The process of design will evolve from single physical phase to a systematic level. Zhoujie’s goal for his future collection of works is to engineer designs that utilize progressive elements such as macromolecular materials and titanium.

Zhoujie’s works and design principles are based on spontaneity, taken from the philosophies of Taoism. This philosophy reflects his understanding of ACTIONLESS, which pays respect to the logic of mathematics and the laws of a digital environment.

As an independent designer, Zhoujie Zhang believes that good design is inspired by process. By continuously forming new concepts throughout the course of development and production, the creation is a constant progression of its evolution.


“Through my design I’d like to build new path towards our digital future and eventually create a system that could measure, design, produce, test as well as market these new possibilities. Following on from the first and second industrial revolution, we are now experiencing a third one, a digital revolution. I’m going to dive into it and I’m ready for a long march.”  —-Zhoujie Zhang