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By Aranda Lasch

Side Table (Black) | Modern Primitive Series, 2010

Aluminium Alloy

Dimension (WxDxH):

52.8 x 60.8 x 57.8 (cm)

20.80 × 23.90 × 22.80 (in)

Price Available Upon Request

The Side Table (Black) is from ArandaLasch’s Modern Primitive Series, 2010. Modern Primitives Venice is a landscape installation with over-scaled mineral furnishings dispersed loosely across the entry of the Venice Biennale. Like rock piles, the space is built from small primitive pieces building up into larger clusters that are overgrown with moss. Appearing like islands from the distance, they can be understood as a microcosm of landscape and architecture systems. On another level, Modern Primitives is simply a way to furnish a space; these clusters can be sat on, leaned against, held in your arms.

Modern Primitives Miami is a multi-media collaboration by FENDI and ArandaLasch. During the five day Design Miami/ event, ArandaLasch will work on site, hand-in-hand with an expert FENDI craftsman to construct new designs, including the installation environment itself. An interactive application invites the fair’s visitors to participate in the performance by creating their own designs. Together, the different aspects of the installation comprise a synthesis of ArandaLasch’s technologically informed design with FENDI’s legacy of innovative craft – an experimental exploration of the creative space shared by architecture, design and fashion.